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The following procedure shall be used to develop, adopt, review, revise and/or delete (repeal) M.S.A.D. No. 75 Board policies:


            A.        The Board’s Policy Committee is charged with reviewing and recommending all new policies and policy changes to be considered by the Board.


                        1.         Individual Board members, Board subcommittees, the Superintendent, and members of the public may submit policy suggestions and concerns directly to the Policy Committee. Policy suggestions that are submitted to, or received by, the Board Chair or the Superintendent will be forwarded to the Policy Committee. School District employees shall follow any and all applicable administrative procedures and/or collective bargaining agreement provisions for submitting policy suggestions.


                        2.         The Policy Committee, together with the Superintendent, will be responsible for reviewing and researching suggestions for new policies and policy changes. The Policy Committee may seek or ask the Superintendent to provide information such as, but not limited to, the specific need for the policy; the fiscal consequences of the proposed policy; the potential effect of the policy on the instructional program, staff, students and the community; samples of policies on the same or similar subjects; applicable provisions of state and/or federal law and regulations; and the anticipated costs and benefits of implementing, enforcing and monitoring the proposed policy.


                        3.         The Policy Committee may prepare draft policies or delegate the drafting of all or individual policies to the Superintendent. 


                        4.         At an appropriate stage in the process, the Superintendent, on behalf of the Policy Committee and the Board, shall notify the bargaining agent for M.S.A.D. No. 75 teachers of any proposed new educational policy or proposed modification of any existing educational policy.


The Policy Committee may also seek input or discuss the proposal with other groups affected by the policy.


                        5.         The Policy Committee will make reports to the Board regarding its activities and the status of policy development.



          B.        Upon recommendation by the Policy Committee, the first reading of a new policy, revision or deletion of policy shall be placed on the agenda of a regular Board meeting. Board members shall receive the policy, supporting material, if appropriate, and any written recommendations in advance of the meeting date. 


The Policy Committee Chair will explain the proposed policy or policy change. The Board may discuss the substance of the policy proposal, and a vote shall be held to acknowledge the first reading of the policy. Any changes to the policy agreed to by consensus or by vote on a motion to amend shall be made prior to the second reading.


          C.        At a subsequent regular meeting, at least two weeks but no more than eight weeks after the first reading, the policy shall be placed on the agenda for second reading and action. Amendments may be introduced and acted upon. If a main motion to approve the policy is not passed at such a meeting by a majority vote of Board members present and voting, the process for that policy is ended unless the Board, by vote, takes action to table further consideration of the policy or otherwise dispose of the policy (e.g., refer it back to the Policy Committee for further research).


          D.        The Superintendent will be responsible for making new and revised policies available to board members, M.S.A.D. No. 75 personnel, students, and the public by sending copies to the schools, updating the M.S.A.D. No. 75 website and/or by other appropriate means as soon as practicable following adoption. Board members should update their policy manuals when they receive copies of new or revised policies or notifications of deletions.


          E.         The Superintendent shall provide each Board member with a policy manual, in print, on a CD, and/or by other means, as specified by the Board. If Board member access to the policy manual will be online, the Superintendent will provide each Board member with instructions for accessing it.  The Superintendent /designee may periodically recall all policy manuals for administrative updating to ensure that the content of all Board manuals is current and consistent. 






Legal Reference:          26 MRSA § 965(1) (C)



Cross Reference:          BEDB - Agenda

BG - School Board Policy



BOARD REVIEW: January 25, 2024
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